Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle Magnets are sold in sets of two. So when you choose '1', you are actually getting 2! When you choose '2', you are actually getting 4. Got it? Or do you need me to go further?

Magnets are printed full color on .030 magnetic material specifically for this purpose. It is recommended to clean and dry the metal surface before application, and to clean the magnet and car surface regularly, as well as to avoid leaving them on during car washes.

If you don't have a finished PDF send us your artwork, logo, and the wording you want. If our professional artists can complete your file in 15 minutes, it's FREE! And we will send you a proof. If not, we will send you a quote before proceeding further.


Vehicle Magnets
Magnets (Sets of 2) from $79.99
It's a bird! It's a plane! No wait, it's a Mazda with a magnet on it? Promote your business in a snap. Throw them on when you need them, and take them off when you're done. It's that simple. These car and truck magnets are a great alternative to decals. 

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Total : $ 79.99