Value Prints

These are an Economical choice for Prints. Printed on a Digital Press with two choices of paper, 12pt smooth uncoated, or 12pt coated 2/s. Maximum image size is 11"x17".

These are not 'Art Prints'. They are excellent quality, but Art Prints are printed on higher end paper choices using an inkjet with seven colors, and providing better detail to a discerning eye. From 3-4 feet most people won't see a difference, but close up the differences become more apparent!

Basically, you can print as many as you want of multiple sizes, on the same sheet, as long as you provide the PDF File. You receive a 12" x18" sheet with whatever you want on it.

For example, you could receive a 12" x 18" sheet with two 5-1/2"x8-1/2" inch prints, and 4-4"x4" prints on one sheet. You can cut the individual Prints out yourself with an X-acto knife or Scissors.

If you don't have a finished PDF send us your artwork, logo, and the wording you want. If our professional artists can complete your file in 15 minutes, it's FREE! And we will send you a proof. If not, we will send you a quote before proceeding further.


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